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Default Re: The Most Hated Scientist of the New World Order

Relatively speaking Einstein is a complete FRAUD

next to Nikola Tesla ... ALL the attention should

be channelled towards understanding and imitating

Nikola Tesla ... he died in poverty because

he couldn't care less about money itself ... his

whole being was about using science to SERVE

mankind and to not to enable a few to control

others via patents etc. The New World Order

actually loves Nikola Tesla because they are

using what he discovered against us and they

do their best to make sure no on learns about

him and that everybody knows about Einstein and

other theorical BS scientists.

The fact that Tesla's name is so unknown

is positive proof that we are being

lied to on a scale never imagined.

It demonstrates one of the greatest powers of

the illuminate and that is to distort

history and to blackout history when it

goes counter to their goals of enslaving the

\" What luck for rulers that men don\'t think \"
Adolf Hitler

The New World Order: privatizing money printers,
one nation at a time.
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