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Default Are you prepared if the crap hits the fan?

Many of us out here prepared for Y2K, by stocking up with food, toilet paper, batteries, etc, and although nothing happened, it was something that I learned should always be in our collective minds in todays world.
The fact is we never know when the crap might hit the fan, and as someone who tries to be prepared, I want to encourage more people that they need to look at the possibility that the world is a more dangerous place, security is not a given, and we all should be able to atleast have supplies on hand to help our own families to get through possible bad times, personally I have a limited income, but manage to get a few items put away that I feel might be needed if the world turns upside down, sadly if the world becomes topsy turvy I don't have enough supplies to help my neighbors and good friends, they will have to be turned away, to defend for themselves, thus we will be lowering the community structure even further down a path of least resistance, and that is chaos, America doesn't deserve this, so I do hope you consider this post seriously, and you do take preventative measures, if you live somewhere else the post means just as much.
We don't want a furthuring of restrictions on us, pushing us ever nearer to full Marshall Law, I say take heed!

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