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Default Re: Are you prepared if the crap hits the fan?

You are absolutely right. Making survival plans is a very good idea. Many resources we currently take for granted are going to be disrupted. The wealthy insiders are making preparations. We all would be wise to do the same.

Here is a good article on this subject:
Bush-Cheney Paranoia: ’Domestic Terrorism’ & the National Security Service (The New SS)
Here is an excerpt:

They’re concerned about their own safety in the future. And I’ve noticed this too -- the paranoia that exists now within the ranks of wealthy Republicans that have ties to the regime. Should the American people ever understand all of this, and what has been done to them and what is going to happen to them, I don’t care how many machine-gun-toting guards you have in front of a gated, wealthy Republican community, you’re not going to keep the BOVOBs (Burned-Out Victims of Bushonomics) out. It’s a fortress mentality the top 1% have.

A number of these high-security, wealthy Republican, gated communities are purposely being built around military bases, so they can have easy access and protection. Then they can be hustled into an underground bunker on short notice.

It was pressure from the real estate industry that opened up the sale of closed-down, and soon-to-be closed-down, military bases for development. Not only that, but the federal government even finances some of it.

Another displaced population is the number of wealthy Republican gated communities that are being built on former military bases. They’ve got gates, they’ve got walls, they’ve got underground bunkers. Everything is blast-proof and radiation-proof. Internal power and water systems. There’s even air strips, so you can get your Lear jet to the Cayman Islands in a hurry.
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