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Default Re: The Illusion of Safety

Ozziecynic wrote:
It's probably worth talking about, however in one of your posts you seem to not care about 'Armageddon' since it's phrophesised which seems a little defeatist.
Since the Fall in Eden and the temptation for forbidden knowledge.Humanity is imperfect there fore that is why the world is going to be destroyed. Not a matter of defeatism there is nothing to be perfected in the temporal dimension.We are simply imperfect and must be punshied for our lack of submission to God!.

As for the communism subject! Are you deluded! Sure there maybe an excuse for draken over there in hyperborea Carpathian for believing in such a thing still. But for you in canada which is much like Australia in terms of its economic system i find plain dumb to call Laissez faire capitalism or Corporatism under the name of communism unless ofcause like so many others your a reactionary redneck righwinger of the uneducated kind. In that case we arent really on the same side as many others here are also finding out slowly!.:roll:
see kid, its the same thing. you are a useless elitist twit who believes hes "educated" out of the "false left right" and at the same time arguing that corporatism and communism arent actually the same fundamental ideology. why is that? HAHA thats because you are deeply entrenched in the false paradigm you pretend to dispute.

my god the irony is rich

ps. you should learn the difference between you're and your when you are pretending to be so educated. also using so many exclamation points just makes you seem like the manic turd you are!!
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