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I'm not totally convinced that a "Pure" race is more resistant to political or social control than an interbred one. Besides, intelligence is just one of many factors that determine one's suggestibility, obedience, etc. In fact, the mixing of two IQ's in the parents (100 and 70 to use your example) does not indicate that the children will have an average of the two numbers (85 ibid). That would be the same as parents who are 6' tall and 5' tall producing children of an average of 5'6'' in height. Genetics just don't work that way. If in fact Adam Weishaupt ("Whitehouse" in English) has written a satisfactory agenda for the Luciferians, then the few families that control the agenda will want the best gene pool possible for their purposes. Eugenics is the key, and euthanasia is the control. You will of course agree that they are now in the process of reducing the world population by at least half in the next ten to twenty years?
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