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>>What an hysterical reactionary bunch of rightwing trash

Because the host would like to get rid of the parasite you call us reactionaries ? Obviously first there was an action on your part which now is costing us half of our earnings, and now you are unhappy that we don't like working until July to pay off your wants and desires. A socialist is a mortal enemy of the working class.

I, for one, am not rightwing, I do not subscribe to mob-rule (party democracy). Given the chance I would have voted for Michael Peroutka and the Constitutional Party.

You probably know how many founders of the United States would fall into your "reactionary" category.

>>blah blah blah!
>>Who cares what you think!
>>Which rock did you crawl from!
But we don't need to wonder what agit-prop school you were unleashed from.

>>One day people like you and me will be facing off. I would have no hesitation taking you out if i had to defend myself.

You won't need to take out anybody, you will be too busy looking for food, since no tax-money will be coming your way by then. The parasite always destroys the host, then dies of hunger. In history it is called the rise and fall of civilizations.

But please explain and defend, how you justify taking from the producers (according to their means) and giving it first to a bunch of bureaucrat drones (according to their needs) then to somebody who did not work for it ?
Perhaps you could persuade that living off the work of other people's hands is really the way to go. But if everyone were like you ? who would you tax then ?
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