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If there is NO OTHER WAY for them to save their ARSES, a "lockdown" must occur.

Shut-down mode.

Government brought to a stand-still.

Martial law must be installed.

Therefore, a major "strike" would have to happen on our soil, I would think.

As far as the reputation of the alternative news media, I don't believe their credibility can be ruined at this point.

If an attack occurs on our soil and it is not thwarted, well, then again I would consider our government incompetent, illegal, immoral, corrupt, and in cahootz with the so-called terrorists whom they describe as those who hate our freedoms and wish to destroy them.

When they speak of this, they are describing themselves.

They finance, train and breed terrorists for their own use throughout the world.

The new IRANIAN president was not just elected by accident.

What were some of his first remarks???
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