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Default Re: Please Believe This

According to some, the police force are masonically controlled.

According to some the education system is masonically controlled.

They are both in the same city, so are they conflicting?

BlueAngel, I said despite the 'evidence' against me.

Yeah, the evidence of one of my staff, who is now on my salary. Do you think he'd let that go?

I wouldn't.

And nohope..........predictable why?

Because I'm hotheaded and don't take negative vibe merchants lightly?

Or because I spearhead some sinister campaign to oust the sheeple?

Grow up.

In a world where all things being equal, the simplest explaination is probably the correct one.

And NO that's not Occams razor, that's: one should not increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.
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