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Default Re: The only cure

Hello BA: I'm in the post race! It'll take a while to catch up to you, though. For spinning see post #120 in this thread for the link to the clinical overview of "Spin Programming." Spinning apparently uses the mechanism of disorientation and the accompanying nausea, etc. that is the result of spinning. It is a form of psycho-physical trauma that would not leave a trace. How rapidly and how long the spinning endures? I'm not sure. I experimented with a DIY spin in my apartment using a swivel chair. If you can position a subject's head so that he is looking straight up at the ceiling (e.g. the axis of rotation is between the eyes) and spin evenly, the sensation can be euphoric to nauseating, depending on the speed of the spin and how the room is lighted, etc. As for psychic driving; this is one of the methods used by the fools out here: they seem to think that repeating phrases (sometimes in a loud whisper) will work E. Cameron's magic. It doesn't, but it is truly annoying at times, nonetheless.
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