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Default Re: Origional Songs Against The NWO


If your mind is set on the future to come,
we need your extract on our journey home.
No one is alone in this world,
we're here together on this pleasant pearl.

So we need your support, whatso'ever the cost.
Black and white - darkness and bright light is part of the One.
Don't give up until we're done.

We need your participation,
don't give in on temptation.
Through rough times and praying;
Stay in the heat, feel the beat,
- for our future is on the seat.

Try to show some responsibility,
set your enemies free.
All humans need to beware, so many people don't dare,
- they don't even care.
So give us your best, stand the test,
that’s what we need for humanity.

We need you to take some responsibility,
with dignity.
Fight for yourself and then for someone else.
If every human with the ability in this world,
would do this according to the truth;
This would be a better place for both me and you.

Copyright © 1995 “Jarle Johansen”. All rights reserved.

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