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Default Re: Please Believe This

Yeoshua- I'm sorry to hear of your problems. I'm not sure what I can do directly to make a difference but you should know that I am working to help by fighting for the elimination of government persecution resulting from false charges. As it is, this can only be done with the complete dismantling of the government power structures- we can all be victims of evil power until then. Systems of justices are controlled by humans and are susceptible to corruption and only lead humanity down the wrong path. I have no way to know if you are telling the truth or not, but it doesn't matter to me- I'd love you either way and want the best for you and would never want to see you punished by a government or otherwise.

I am not a mason brethren but I am a fellow human- that is enough tie for me. Best to you in clearing your name.

Truth, Peace, Freedom, Trust, Abundance, Unselfishness, Joy, Humility and Pure Love
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