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Default Re: Please Believe This

Yeoshua wrote:
Blueangel, no I said there was 'evidence'.

You are not being concise. Evidence or not???

The statement of the guy who has been given my job and put on my salary. Oh yeah, that's sound evidence.

So, the evidence is what???? His word???

What have I done to warrant this?

I tell the people in control at my place of work "no". No you can't have this, no you can't have that etc etc.......

Again, you need to be more precise if you want support. You tell them NO when they ask you for what???

I am poised within the next few weeks to name and shame my employer, and publish evidence. Maybe here. (That would really put my name in the frame wouldn't it?)

Depends upon whether or not you can prove the allegations against your employer. Remember, they have the upper hand!! You are one against many.

And yes If I was guilty of this, my brethren would turn away - en masse.

Sounds like your brethren have already found you guilty. They will be turning away. Trust me.

Thankyou to the others who have given me words of support.

During these times, it has lifted me.
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