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Default Re: Are there secret societies out there that fight the Illuminati?

why do you think that Christainity is under attack? its because it is the only group that has exposed them from the start.

The Bible describes the beginning of secret societies in the story of Jacob and how he supplanted his brother. The Bible actually has two playbooks. One for those that are good and one for those that are bad. The ones who chose to follow evil often use the Bible to show their children their plan of how they control the world. Their plan is hidden through symbolism. That is one of the reasons Jesus stated he was coming back with a sword. Not to physically to kill, but to slay or reveal their knowledge. When you reveal their knowledge, then their movement dies.

We must remember that Jesus stated that he did all of his work in the day, so why do you arrest me in the night? So you do not need to join a secret organization to fight evil. You can do it in your everyday life by follwing the word of God and incorporating it into your life. Then you will become a beacon of light for others to follow.
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