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Right!! It's like the old gypsy cure for ailing livestock. Whenever the gypsies came to town, they always had the perfect cure for the sick animals on the local farms. That's because the gypsies secretly poisoned the animals a week or two before their arrival in the town! Let's take the more notoriuos rap artists, for example. Anyone familiar with Eminem or Snoop Doggy Dogg can tell you that the lyrics are more than just objectification and externalization of repressed angst, etc. Let's put it this way: if I took the lyrics to one of Eminem's songs and made it personal (i.e. as though I were saying them to you personally) I would be guilty of terroristic threats, emotional abuse, and just poor taste. But these rappers are using our urban youth by proxy to do these things, or at least to think about doing them. And let's not forget who the target audience is: inner-city youth! I don't see these rappers wearing boat crew uniforms, or cheerleading outfits, or Harvard colors, do you?
When the kids are totally messed up, then the "Programs" begin to roll off the drawing board. The result? More and direct control programs and experimentation because of a problem that was deliberately engineered from the beginning.
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