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Not a problem. Here's the rundown...

On June 17th, police were stumped by an attack on a
train line north of London and south of Norwich. The "Vandals" lifted "heavy concrete troughs" to access signalling, communication, and power cables and cut them. According to Wikipedia, power lines being cut causes a power surge. The "vandals", according to police, must have had electrical experience, specific tools, and enough manpower to lift the concrete troughs.

Now, if you just wanted to mess with the train line, you'd throw something on the track or whatever. You wouldn't organize a team, and hit the rail in two spots over four miles of track, and cut dangerous cables with specialized equipment, etc.

It's a singular incident.

Now, the Metronet homepage (see link in post) gave a synopsis of the bomb damage at Aldgate station that got hit on 7/7. The ONLY thing that got damaged on the rail (besides the train of course), were the power, communications, and signalling cables. The tunnel was undamaged.

I believe that the attacks in June were a test of some sort. Possibly to gauge response time of authorities, etc.

Also, the attacks on the LU in July occured over a four mile stretch, so did the attacks in June.

Thanks for the criticism. Hope this helps...
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