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Daniel I have not intentionaly labeled you anything. I responded to your statements because I have heard them before.

The fact is I was very much like you. But I came to a point where I could not continue to question that bible having never read it. All it did was become an endless circle of thoughts that never got me anywhere.

Yes i was raised in christianity and heard a lot about the bible and about christians but as many, i was bored by it. Later I tried to learn about the book but i was using other books by other thinkers.

It was not until I read the bible, the whole 66 books that I got an understanding and believe me when I tell you it is not like it is portrayed by the powers that be.

It is a very human story, very profound and full of teachings.

No I don't go to church nor do I preach but the words contained in that book are very powerfull and after 15 years I still feel its power and its liberating relief. Now I know why many don't like it. And the reasons are far different than anything you can imagine. I can see what is happening in the world and why, most of all I know what is going to happen. And much much more.

I encourge you to read it then make your decision but don't talk about something you don't no about.

All those question you have can be answered just by reading the whole book.

If after doing this you choose your own way, fine that is your decision and good luck.


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