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Default Re: Aerial activity at WTC on 9/11

So, I would assume that the area of impact was the most "beneficial" for them as far as which companies and files were sure to be destroyed.

What time was the first impact? How long after before the explosion of the fuel?

This is where I have a problem. I distinctly remember seeing the jet hanging out of the building without a hugh fireball for which seemed like forever and then all of a sudden the tower begins to crumble.

How long after the firefighters arrived did the tower start to fall?

I guess I'm looking for a timeline:

Time of first impact;

Time elapsed before fuel explosion;

Time firefighters arrive at first tower;

Time building begins to crumble.

I'll check it out.

Do you think and, I know this is sick, that THEY watch the footage of 911 while eating popcorn?

Turn on the lights when it's over, pat themselves on the back for a job well done?

Remember they are actors, screenwriters, orchestrators, conductors, cinematographers!!
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