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Default Re: Are there secret societies out there that fight the Illuminati?

In regards to the Secret Societies fighting other Secret Societies

There are several thoughts to this:

1 - The "Light" Societies that having been fighting with the "Dark" Societies have been doing so for centuries are not so secret. They are out there in plain sight. The problem is that the Western Mind is no longer trained to do the necessary preparatory work that it takes to join a "Light" Society.

2 - In every Society, there is an Outer Court and an Inner Court. Centuries ago the Outer Court rebelled and demanded that they be taught the Inner Court Mysteries, even though they were not property prepared for these Mysteries.

In releasing this Inner information, we now have corruption and greed - they learned just enough to be dangerous, thinking they had learned ALL that there is to know, which is not the case.

One of the corruptions was gold - gold in ancient times was never used as coinage, but as a spiritual item to adorn statues and the temples. Money was not needed, and all trade was via barter. We have Alexander the Great to thank for bring us coinage - he too was one that demanded to be taught rather than learn.

The Ancient Priesthood saw what was going on and withdrew past the veil and for a large part from this plane. They are there, teaching us, mostly in spiritual downloads, preparing us to take up the fight. But there are still Teachers here, waiting for us to grow up and accept our responsibilites as adults.

The problem, as stated before, is the Western mind is no longer trained to do this type of work. One of the main reasons for the dumbing down of the school system, starting in 1921. The "Dark" Society didn't want anymore warriors trained on their dime.

It doesn't matter what religious path you follow - Christian, Buddhist, Brahmin, etc. All of these have their own "Light" Societies. All you have to do prepare yourself and the Teachers will appear.

All of us have the capability to be accepted, but in this modern age, we are bombarded with distractions to keep us from learning what we need to know and are kept divided from coming together to get rid of the "Dark" Society. Their way has worked pretty well so far hasn't it?

The Lord of the Ring series is a fantastic learning tool for the above comments. Remember what Gandolf said? Sauron would do anything to keep the different tribes from coming together, for that was the only way to defeat him. The only way to keep power was to divide and conquer the tribes. Keep them busy fighting each other instead of fighting the real evil.

As always, YMMV
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