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Default Re: Earthquakes/Tsunami attacks? Asia stands divided against dollar and euro

Very astute post, Ellar.
To which I would add this link which already declares this tsunami to be the single biggest disaster in Asian history, barely concealing the enthusiasm with which the NWO-controlled UN is licking its chops in anticipation of having to "rescue" (translation: consolidate and financially enslave) the entire affected region, something which, as your links point out, no one has been able to accomplish as of yet.

Asian Disaster May Be Costliest Ever

When one considers the recent trials and tribulations in this region, especially Indonesia, which has been at war with the central banksters and the IMF for several years, how absolutely...convenient that something like this should occur just now, preceded, of course, by the Bali terrorist attack, which still failed to rally significant support for the West's war on terror amongst the country's largely Islamic populace.
Will Asia be able to continue resisting the temptation to let the UN, IMF and other Illuminati front groups come in and loan them enough "funny money" at overwhelming usury rates to covetly usurp their sovereignty the same as they have done to the rest of the world?
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