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Default Re: Connect the Dots

Yeah, well, NOMAD, that's a topic that is very frightening.

Can we make the assumption that Peter Jennings died due to their ability to cause "serious" illnesses in those whom are their enemies? Would be conjecture unless you peruse the Bush Body Trail!!

This topic is something that put the "fear of death" in me as a child.

Whenever I was ill, I was certain it was "life" threatening.

Even at present, I "panic" sometimes with the thought that they may somehow cause serious illness in myself or family members.

This, perhaps, a very good "scare tactic" and silencing method.

I do know they have ways of causing illnesses in people; causing their death in small plane crashes; making it appear to be a suicide; releasing viruses; and I wouldn't bet against penetrating into one's mind with their secret, silent and invisible weapons; seeing through four walls.
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