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Default Re: Bets on when the next terrorist attack is, and when the US invades Iran

Well, as for sites: At first I thought of Los Angeles, California, but it would probably just improve the tourism there - "Dude, where's my video camera?" But in all seriousness, LAX and transportation lines are prime. MGM studios wouldn't be too bad, either.
As for the time? I think that They had all of their eggs in one basket with 9/11, but I wouldn't put it past them to go after Quantico or Langley, if they could only read a map. Maybe 2008 will be a "Banner" year.
Iran, sure, why not? We got our foot in the tent with the relatively soft target of Iraq, and noone is rattling the sabre too loudly over the defeat of the Bad Boy of the ME countries, Hussein. Iran is tougher: Syria and Jordan might just put the eye on us for that. So, please have a legitimate triggering event this time, Mr. President! Beh-shoma Khoda barakat bedahad!
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