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Default Re: Robin cook: anyone know why he died?

Itís looking like a bit of a mystery. First off the papers have kept changing their story on the details. Something along the lines of, he didn't actually die from a heart attack or maybe he did but also they mention he fell and broke his neck or something. He was then resuscitated by some passers by on a very remote Highlands hilltop. Each paper has its own version and the Guardian said it was a heart attack but he survived for 90 minutes until he got to hospital where 5 minutes later he was dead. Odd donít you think, my immediate reaction to that was that sometimes hospitals can be more dangerous than not being in hospital. Princess Di discovered that when one of the medical crew whacked her over the head with an oxygen cylinder to finish her off.

Anyway as for the political climate it has been a bit hot down here in Blighty. We have had the London bombings deception and the Brazilian electrician incident and Robin Cook is quite a clever gezza apparently. One of his intellectual feats was that once when there was some dodgy government business where he was the opposition party he was given a 2000 page report to read in 3 hours before a parliamentary debate on it, the Tories had a week to read. But in 3 hours he read the report and demolished the debate and in doing so people concluded he was a bit of an Einstein of politics. Now someone with a brain like that is not going to believe the latest government B/S, so thatís about as much as I know.
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