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Default Re: Another "training exercise" on the way.


Now that VP Cheney has asked for an invasion plan to be drawn up, including launching nuclear weapons, on Iran in the event that a 9/11 type "attack" happen against the U.S. - regardless if Iran had anything to do about it, it would allow the administration to point the finger at Iran because of their position as a rogue nuclear state. Even though they didn't do it, the reason to invade would be because they have nuclear capability and can sell weapons to extremists on the black market. It also lines us up with the eventuality of an exchange with North Korea, Russia, and China. Iran is expendable and can be used as a demonstration much in the same way Japan was.
Another interesting fact is that Halliburton, Cheney's old company, gave Iran $40 million in oil services annually from 1995-2000. In addition to that, they sold materials to Iran that allowed them to jumpstart their nuclear program. This information was released by Halliburton officials within the last week.
So we have a nuclear exercise happening as we speak where a ship comes into port at South Carolina and the "terrorists" unload the weapon in order to launch it here domestically. There's been a pattern with exercises and actual "attacks" established. The 4 star general with ties to officers involved in usurping the global struggle goal and overseeing the exercise is fired on bunked up charges. Cheney asks for the invasion plan on Iran before the exercise takes place. Iran is considered a rogue nuclear state which would give us a pretext for the invasion in the event of a nuclear detonation on American soil. And, Cheney's old company helped Iran get their nuclear program started.
You can't tell me that something hasn't been in the works for a long time.
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