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Default Re: So Much for Peace Protests

Peace groups don't miss the issue. They receive little exposure and most people have accepted the dictatorship that we are under!!

They subconsciously realize that protests, rallies, etc. will have absolutely zero effect on the current administration's foreign policy under the PNAC.

They have THIER agenda and it is not of the people, by the people and for the people.


We are all their prisoners!!

Complacency is among us and we live together with deep sleepers and walking zombies.


the rest are imbedded with the current regime through religious beliefs and their "scrambled brains" believe that "evil dictators" only reside across the globe in other countries and that Bush, Cheney and Rove are trustworthy men.

They are so devoted to their Christian beliefs that they would never question our government, the CIA's legitimacy, the "unjust" Iraq war, etc., etc., etc.

They are too busy living by the BOOK.

They place all of their trust in GOD and believe that their faith in him is all they need. Blind faith in our leaders is the result.

How's that for brainwashing?

They still believe democracy prevails in America and that we are not slaves.

They are certain Saddam Hussein was more brutal than the pedophiles who lurk within our government and use children from mind control programs to satisfy their sexual deviant behaviors, as sex slaves servicing politicians, entertainers, and leaders abroad. Using these children in sex, prostitution and pornograpy rings.

Where have all the children gone???

I'll never forget the man who has the face of a horse and the "Rhodes scholar."

And, for some reason, I have absolutely zero respect for Arlen Spector and Orin Hatch.

Cheney and Bush, Sr.

Brings memories of Grey Bull Lodge and clinging to a fence, naked, while helicopters loomed overhead.

"The spotlights on you."
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