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Default Re: seeking MKULTRA info

Thanks for those words.
Re. the "core" being up-front. That's when we know 'who's out'. It's been a long struggle, in healing. A lot of work done . Much research---inner and outer.

re. anger. Got a WhOLE lot of ThAT!!!!! For a long time, it's been directed at the self. Convenient for them, isn't it? That plus all the drugs they try to give us to turn us into a zombie. I don't take those.
Oh, and did you hear the latest? An article the other day---lobotomies are making a comeback. Interesting timing, woulnt' you say? Of course, since I'm already dx'd with a "mental illness", they can always say I'm 'paranoid delusional', when I start talking about AnYtHING!!!!!

Yeah, i've got a LOtS of DiRECtED anGER!! That's for SuRE!!!! KALIMA
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