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Default Re: So Much for Peace Protests

This place in the mountains where I live in W.V.---there are some aware, intelligent people here who go out of their way to keep abreast of what's going on around them. But it's also KKK country. I work in a local grocery store at nights. It's run by republican fundementalist pentecostals waiting for the Rapture. Now, maybe because I'm a multiple, I have a way of being able to 'morph' into various surroundings. Plus, being a writer, I take lots of notes. The store is run by a local judge and I've got lots of stories to tell. I'm working on a screenplay. I've learned more about the Armageddon/Rapture agenda of the Christian right, working in this place, than I could have anywhere else, I'm sure. Learning it up close and personal. It's a frightening thing, in its ignorance and it's 'power' over the people who 'know' they are the 'chosen ones'. These people actually believe that everything that's going on in the Middle East is "part of The PLAN" And there are a LOT of thESE peopLE. Bush is onE of these PeoplE!!
I go to the protest marches in D.C. It's like trying to weed a garden. You trim a few things here and there. The roots still thrive. It all grows back. We need more than marches. We need ongoing education of the people. But how to do that? Especially in the face of a huge maCHINE that's trying to NuMB the people, starting right from the little ones. Medicating them, as early as age 3, for 'mental illness'. I've heard 5 year-olds singing "rapture nursery tunes" about the coming 'floody-floody" (I kid you not!)
I'm surrounded by so much ignorance, it's hard to have patience with it. It's hard for me to believe that's it's not the fault of the people who swallow the BS sound bytes, hook, line and sinker.It's hard to cut them any slack at all. They make too much noise. They have too much power. And around here, they all carry guns. Kalima
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