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Default Re: So whats to be done ?

For right now we should teach and tell all we know about the nwo to the people arounded us brothers, sisters mothers, fathers, friends and there friends, tell all who want to hear.some will grab the information and run with it some will call us paranoid but im sure that they will start to connect the dots.

Then we must start to get ready for what is to come , yes we pray that none of what is to come may never come but the reality is that it is already here, so with quickness we must be at full aleart and readyness. Some think that if we get together it migth help but I think not, if we come together it just makes it easier for them to come down on us but at the same time we must find a way to stay close to one another, for now our computers do just find but im sure they will find a way to limit that to as soon as possible.
We must stop figthing ourselfs becouse thats what they want as long as we as a whole are divided they already won. Lets put our nonsense aside and be come leaders and come together an common ground
we all now what we want so lets stop fighting each other and become one. we must grow so when the time comes we will be strong.

And then we kick ass...
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