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Default Just another case of combat fatigue?

Police: Decorated Marine opened fire on noisy crowd

LAWRENCE, Mass. A Lawrence man who was named "Marine of the Year" last month is charged with firing a shotgun at a crowd of revelers outside his second-floor apartment, wounding two people.
Thirty-three-year-old Daniel Cotnoir allegedly fired a bullet at the crowd only minutes after he called police to complain about the noise they were making as they left a nearby nightclub and restaurant early Saturday.

The Lawrence Eagle-Tribune reports that a 15-year-old girl and a 20-year-old man were injured by bullet fragments from the shooting.

Cotnoir was arrested and held on 100-thousand dollars bail. He was to be arraigned tomorrow on attempted murder charges.

Last month, the Marine Corps Times presented Cotnoir with its annual Marine of the Year award. He beat out 180-thousand other candidates for the honor.

Cotnoir, now a Marine reservist, was a military mortician in Iraq. During his deployment last year, he was responsible for preparing soldiers for open-casket funerals.

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As soon as I saw this story, the light bulbs started clicking on in my head.
For those familiar with LaRouche's "Dope, Inc." and related sources, there is a scheme described where drugs were smuggled out of Viet Nam in caskets of dead soldiers headed back to the states. Another of George H. W.'s black ops specialties.
...Now let's consider the possibility that this Marine reservist may have been involved in similar activites in light of the curious position that he held . Isn't it also logical that he might have developed a "taste" for some of the merchandise he was smuggling? And now that he's back stateside, could he be having a little trouble finding some local junk pure enough to satisfy his advanced habit, hence his going berserk and engaging in the shooting spree?
Funny how these pieces start to fit together when you know what you're dealing with...

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