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Default Re: Four Star General Fired For Organizing Coup Against Neo-Cons?

Maybe you've heard of Admiral Jeremy Michael Boorda? I've been trying to find out what the real reasons for his death by "suicide" were but found at best vague hints about involvments with the Vreeland case etc. I think I found something a couple of years ago in the area of an alleged planned military coup d'état against the gangsters occupying the White House and their organization. They were found out and annihilated - deaths by two shots in back of head, strangling by piano wire, falling down open elevator shafts, etc.

<a href="">Clinton Corpse Collection</a>

Admiral Jerry Boorda: died 1996. Admiral Boorda was the Chief of Naval Operations. He supposedly went home for lunch one day and, rather than have his scheduled interview with the Newsweek Magazine that afternoon, he decided to shoot himself twice in the chest.
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