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Default Re: The Movie

Good... I figured Ana and Mary Poppins are soul sisters..

To D.C.. Right now I have writers block.. I am like Duh..

Here is what I can, and will do though.. What I would like to do is use the writings of the people on this forum (Their writings are on record)).. and use the people that we have here, and write poems using their words, I will organize their words so that they rhyme, and the people who wrote them get credit for the words that they wrote... All creative input (copy write) from this project is owned by the Administration... That, I hope is understood by all.. Yet, I'm sure that Henry.. errr ... Dr. Makow would be glad to share any royalties to the contributors if this project generates real money.

I believe that my efforts in describing the people here will help in developing three dimensional characters...

D.C.... I am more of an editor.. Let me experiment with writing poems, that could be put to music.. in order to express my interpretations of the characters that we have here... There will be no writers block if I can describe Mary Poppins in verse.. Using her own words... from her file.
And she will get the credits when the credits come onto the roller at the end of the film... and maybe a few bucks from Henry... Like the rest of the contributors.. but only if a buck is made.

D.C. .. I am into this for the long run... If you have a copy of Max and can mail it to me.. I will return it... If that is illegal I'm sorry, I said it... Write me.. I'll give you my home address, and send it back to you.. I know how to work graphics programs..

My first project will be to explain Mary's point of view in poetry.. and she can help me on this one.. After I post it, she has first right of refusal to be connected with the poem... ..O.K... Like you said, this project could take a year to complete... I can work with Mary , nohope , and Ana.. no problem.

And, Then we gotta find a buyer or moneyman.... God willing we will succeed.. But no matter what happens.. The Project is one more brick in the wall to ward off the NWO...I'm not gonna stall no more.. The Mary profile is next...
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