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Default Another Home Run ?

Regarding the Greek Airlines Crash of the other day, it's looking stranger as the days go by.

First there's the text message sent by a "doomed passenger", telling that the plane had decompressed, and they were freezing.

Now the text guy who states that he got the message is revealed as a did he know about the freezing conditions ?

The majority of the bodies recovered are frozen solid.

ATHENS (Reuters) - Most bodies recovered from a crashed Cyprus airliner were "frozen solid", including some whose skin was charred by the plane's fiery crash, a top Greek Defence Ministry source said on Monday.

"Autopsy on passengers so far shows the bodies were frozen solid, including some whose skin was charred by flames from the crash," the source, who has access to the investigation, told Reuters.
That's a pretty good refrigeration system, given how long my freezer takes to freeze a half kilo of mince.

And two frozen solid people were witnessed trying to take control of the plane.

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