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ecause the host would like to get rid of the parasite you callB us reactionaries ? Obviously first there was an action on your part which now is costing us half of our earnings, and now you are unhappy that we don't like working until July to pay off your wants and desires. A socialist is a mortal enemy of the working class.

I, for one, am not rightwing, I do not subscribe to mob-rule (party democracy). Given the chance I would have voted for Michael Peroutka and the Constitutional Party.

Re: 789 you and certain others here are the ones that are talking like callous cold pigs and saying that those weaker than themselves should be made to suffer for their own misfortune and poverty not me!
This kind of attitude is the essence populist reactionary scapegoating the type that got the NAZIS and all other kinds of fascist style regimes into power that scapegoat a certain section of the population with their hatred and intolerance!
In this case it appears to be the poor the unempolyed and the elderly the favourite target of Economic rationalists( who knows what you call them in nth america Market Libertarians I think).

Re:You presume that mob rule is the only element the signifies the rightwing ideologies how naive!. Business and and private enterprise and liberal ideologies like market libertarianism which you appear to be advocatiog all indicate unmistakably rightwing senitiments!.All of which you are very pro in your leanings!.

Re:If you care to look into my details I am student partly exist in Australia on government benifits.
I believe as a citizen of this country i have every right to as a citizen of this country to access this kind of support to train and be educated for better productive prospects.
I am not in Nth america so all this whining about your tax dollars is irrelevant.
As worker i have spent atleast ten years in the workforce as worker usually under the direction of someone else.
In Australia the government has been pushing small buisness to be the main driver of employment and the economy.But small business has not reciprocated to creating more jobs, it claims due to an uncomfortable buisness environment which to a large degree they claim was brought on by a a consumption tax the GST (Goods and Services tax) which they claim gave them to much accounting paperwork.

They also whinged about Industrial relations laws like e.g like one here we have called unfair dismissal which means in a nutshell they cant sack a worker whenever they like.
The point of this is that all thses laws were brought to Australians by the the local conservative party the Liberal party under PM Howard traditionally the party of free enterprise but now a party that small business constantly complains about as not creating the conditions for employment growth and encouragement for self employed enterprises.
Really it doesnt matter what any government does buisness will always find some reason to whine about something to do the state apparatus!.

As said previously if those that felt so strongly that didnt want the state they could simply choose not to live under its juristiction by forming their separatist paradise really its all up to you!
You may think communes are socialist idea however, wasnt it the white supremcist group Aryan Nations in the U.S that had such a commune that was definately not leftwing was it. Or the branch divdians that had WACO.All these are an example of separatist communes which could cater for your tax free,state free needs on starting with a bottom up structure rather than a top down hiearchy!

Re: You canstantly post about parasites on the system yet you appear to be opposed to the very same system calling it the NWO, how hypocritical.
So then do you consider yourself to be part of this NWO system or not!
If you believe you are not part of it or opposed to it why would you be concerned about its demise due to parasites.Infact shouldnt you be looking forward to its demise so that you can start from scratch with the kind of system and civilisation you would like to see.
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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