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Default Re: Four Star General Fired For Organizing Coup Against Neo-Cons?

Draken wrote:
There is the very likely possibility that the "sexual misconduct" allegation IS true, AS WELL AS his alleged coup against the Neocons.

Like in civil life it's near impossible to get above a certain point on the career ladder unless you're "one of the boys" (Freemason or the like), which would mean that you're coerced to participate in some immoral or even criminal act "they" can use as a bargaining chip in a blackmail scenario, becoming a four star general surely has similar "conditions".

There are plenty of stories of people "on the inside" who suddenly lose their stomach and find themselves in court over some crime they actually committed in order to "join the club"...
Draken is correct. You can not climb up the ladder
of the NWO without commiting crimes. There is no exception to this rule because insurance is vital for their control over you.
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