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Default Re: Sticks, the problem of.

Now i don't consider myself to be the type who is easily fooled by every Tom, Dick & Harry conspiracy-con-artist, but this post has intrigued fact it has made me feel ever so slightly soiled in my lower garments. Think about it...when the weather gets bad, what are the first 'accidents' you hear of? A tree has fallen(by its own valition??)onto a small child, or a car, or a house...i could go on. Someone said that they provide us with an essential resource(oxygen),what a cunning ploy! Make us totally dependant on them, thus ensuring their survival until the time is right for the strike!
Looking out my window now i see hundreds of a sticks in all manners of appearance, clutching the streets & houses. Some have even evolved deadly weapons already, which they practice & refine on small creatures, establishing a foothold until they can proceed up Earth's hierarchy. Mark my words...the day will come. I just hope it isn't in my time & that somehow we can figure out a way of preventing the inevitable human harvesting(as we have done to them for centuries!).....
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