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Default Re: Are there secret societies out there that fight the Illuminati?

nohope187 wrote:
you gotta be shitting me! The time to fight has come and gone. Or have you not noticed that our fore-fathers fought under less grievances than what we face now. Gun control is almost completely effective law under the patriot act. We will resist, but we will be slaughtered like pigs. :-P :-( :-? :-x
It is true that we may all be destroyed trying to fight the forces of opression, but so what? Nothing fills me with more purpose than the knowledge that i will die fighting for what i believe in, freedom.

The forces may be overwhelming and we may perish in our fight, but at least we tried. At least we didn't do nothing. We can die with the knowledge that we tried to do all we could to destroy evil.

It reminds me of an instance in history when three-hundred Spartans answered the call to arms to defend there lands from the mighty Persian Empire. Three-hundred against two-hundred-and-fifty-thousand. Each soldier must have known that he would die in that fight, but they fought none the less.

How great will it be to know that you died for what you know is right. That you fought for your family, your country, your world, and your God.

There are they who have answered the call to battle. Will you not be one of them? Will you not join the fight?

Lord Vultz
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