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Default Re: Are there secret societies out there that fight the Illuminati?

Dren wrote:
look the illuminati may be a bit cloak and dagger/sub government but did any one stop and think that these guys are keeping the world from destruction by us and that there actual intent is to hopefuly unite the world
i dont call that control or trying to take over just simply trying to stear huminity towards one nation how can that be a bad thing :-(

What? They are destroying thousands upon thousands of lives as I write in Iraq!!

They are outsourcing every job that can be outsourced from America to another part of the world.

They created the energy crisis in California, the anthrax scare, the sniper, the virus in China, the blackout in the Northeast.

They robbed us of our retirement dollars during the fake internet bubble.

They are sucking us dry at the gas pumps!!

They have installed the "Patriot Act" to take away our freedoms.

They are speaking about invading Iran!!

They are responsible for 911, JFK's assassination, JFK, Jr and his wife and her sister's death, etc., etc., etc.
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