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Default Re: Father, Who Lost Son at WTC, Claims Bush Administration Hiding Information

Tecstasy wrote:
Even if it was writen down I don't think that they would give it out if anything they will make ssome fake shit up as always.
They DON'T answer to anyone!!


And, if they do, it is to someone who belongs to their cult, their society, their club and will let them off the hook anyway.

The cards are stacked in their favor!!

They've rigged the deck.

Their people are placed in all important aspects of military, government, law, etc., etc.

They are MASTER manipulators.

They were my masters. I was told to refer to them as such.

We are your masters, they said, and you are our slave.

Just like a "black" slave, only the color of our skin changed.

They weren't using black men, women and children any longer.


Lincoln was killed for "freeing the slaves."
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