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Default Re: Are there secret societies out there that fight the Illuminati?

Thanks, BA. If I may use an old cliche, Dren (is that Nerd, backwards?), some of the most enormous evils are perpetrated by those with the best of intentions. Almost every evil genius in the James Bond movies wants to "Perfect the World" and uses mass extermination, eugenics, mind control, etc. to accomplish it. This fiction is not too far from the truth. The Illuminati is alleged to be the heirarchy of thirteen families who are heavily involved in the occult and many other things. Their plan is to build a perfect race of superhumans in their own blood lines, and to build a race of docile slaves out of the rest of the world. Those with special gifts or talents will be the "Executive slaves", and the rest will be "Commoners". These families simply want to dominate the world. This is not, in the naked truth, a humanitarian pursuit.
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