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Default Re: Michael Moore Ignores Rampant Vote Fraud

So whats the problem with Micheal Moore now!
More reactionary spiel I see!. Micheal Moore was the guy that picked up on the Bush vote fraud the first time round.Yet people in here think he is the enemy for no good reason!.

ANYTHING major out of the system is made BY and

FOR the system.

Re: And let me ask you all something are we all not part of the system to some degree give me one good reason why any of you are not part of the system! Further this site is also part of the system to havent you noticed, it is also hosted by a mainstream webhost set up on the same conventions as many forums just like it.
So that by my reasoning makes it and Henry Makow part of the system. This logic you have of believing you are somehow independent of the system has no ounce of crediability to me.

If you live and work and consume from the mainstream economy sorry to break it to you all all,your very much part of the system.
Further many of you like to believe that you are beyond the left and right paradigm of ideology yet you consistently attack anyone on the left simply because they are on the left even if their content happens to be the kind of high grade expose of Micheal Moores work!.

This is the kind of work that enlightened alot of naive people world wide about the true nature of your GWB and your empire has been upto!
For that i hardly believe he deserves this level of derision and anti leftwing comment!.

Still rather than being beyond left and right many people here seem intent of keeping their right wing bias despite all the idle claims to the contrary, you all appear to be keeping this a very much right vs left wing forum.
Furthermore many of you call anyone the doesnt wish to participate in the system as drop outs and parasites which only proves your all very much part of the system to the point where you attack those that truly arent.How highly hypocritical!
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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