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Default Re: Iraqi Order 81 Update; It is even worse than originally reported

Barbara wrote:
The U.S. policy of using food as a weapon of war shows a depraved, mind numbing level of cruelty. This has been referred to as the Ultimate War Crime. It is one of the most serious Crimes Against Humanity of our generation.
Most Serious Crime Against Humanity. PERIOD.

Someday, in the distant future, maybe we will become more civilized. Then we will have monuments to honor farmers. We will have parades in celebration of farm workers. The era of glorification of war will just be a fading memory.
No, PLEASE no monuments or parades in celebration of farmworkers. They did that already, and are doing it still, in the Communist part of the world, thank you very much. The policies of Globalism and the policies of multinational corporations like Monsanto grow straight out of Communism-Socialism-Materialism-Humanism.
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