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Default Re: Are there secret societies out there that fight the Illuminati?

Sorry about the agitation; looks like you went through a spin cycle, too. I think that a lot of us feel the same way but we do different things about it. I believe that the people who know the whole agenda (teaching lies to our children, dividing our society, and exposing all of us to a constant barrage of vulgarity and violence, to name a few) are "hiding" in the sense that they are pullling the strings of the power brokers, politicians, entertainment industries, etc. This "Cutout" or "Straw" concept assures them a cusion of protection and reasonable deniability if part of the agenda is dangerously exposed. It also means that the puppets are all expendable and easily replaced. For example: I would love to get my hands on any part of the Exploitation Assessment that the OSS or the CIA produced when mass television became a reality. After all, most of the high-level executives in the then-new television and motion picture industries were almost all from intelligence and military organizations. You can bet your bottom dollar that every new and significant technology will be examined for exploitation by these people; if the attempt fails or goes terribly awry then they can avoid accountability for their crimes.
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