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Default Re: Michael Moore Ignores Rampant Vote Fraud


Very good post and I hadn't considered posting on this thread until I read it.

People do have a lot of misconceptions, misunderstandings and plainly wrong conceptual understandings of politics.

The problem with Michael Moore is he blames all of Americas' problems on the Republicans, specifically George Bush.

The Democrats have actually held the balance of power in the States for forty years before GWBush came to be President. Even under Reagan and Bush Sr. the Democrats held power in the house and the senate. The President is only one aspect of American political power. The right, I believe, is supported on this thread because it represents controls on government largesse and growth and less taxes. Well, the Republicans haven't really lived up to this, their image, it seems as government grew under all three of the past republican Presidents. Granted the Senate and the House of Representatives were under Democratic control so more than likely all a Republican President could do would to perhaps slow the growth.

The main point here being that smaller less intrusive government is defintely not a trait of the lib-left democrats.

In truth it makes not much difference whether it is Democrat or Republican. It's a shell game.

This last election saw the house and the senate and the presidency go to the republicans. Something that hasn't been seen for quite sometime. Now we will really see what republicans stand for. However, now there is a split between republicans with the invention of the neo-con. Whatever the allegiances or splits or namecalling, the bottom line is nothing is ever resolved. The only perception is throwing more cash at problems in hopes of appeasing a few citizens, partisans and the most powerful lobby groups.

In actual fact most that have posted here should get a copy of the communist manifesto and really understand why it is unworkable. they would be better able to defend their position.

Generally, a socialistic society is a possibility but their are some very necessary requisites for it to be sustainable and I don't believe it could ever be a large social structure without heavy enforcement and we know individuality must be a secondary consideration if at all. It's greatest danger is in the concentration of authority and the temptations for corruption of that authority.

In conclusion Micheal Moores' biggest problem is the maintenance of his angelic image of being Americas' savior and the image seems more important than the message.
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