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Default Re: The Pentagon's New Map - Why We're Going to War and Why We'll Keep Going to War

Wow, what a ringing endorsement for globalism, by a U. S. military professor, no less. I could spend weeks tearing this apart point by point, but it seems simpler to point this out as an example of how the NWO boys rationalize what they're doing.
In their own minds they construe themselves as the good guys, totally ignoring the negative effects of their globalist agenda -- and especially the crises which they themnselves have manufactured for their own nefarious purposes.
And if you want to be even more frightened and disgusted, think of a classroom full of clean-shaven , naive young naval officers drinking in this noxious bile and taking copious notes on their laptop computers.
Our leaders of tomorrow...assuming that we ever get to tomorrow, thanks to the apocalyptic ramifications of this curriculum.
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