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Default Re: hold on...

isn't it possible that the pharma lobby could be sponsoring this latest 'health warning' as a means to rake in the profits? This might just be o'l fashioned racketeering and they might not be trying to completely finish us off this time
I agree. It's a bit like the Iraq war. It's ALOT about alot more than oil and war profits, but of course the piggies have their snouts firmly in the trough.

Already here in Oz they're out of "Tamiflu". Selling like hotcakes.

Your wonderful government has'nt bothered to stock up on any. Probably wants to see a few useless eaters like granny's and grandpa's go the way of the dinosaus so they can't cash in their 401K plans.

Avian Bird Flu is another SARS scam but it will kill the right people.

I dont think they will be killing us off just yet. If people take on the NWO program willingly they will back off. If you dont, then they are prepared to nuke 2/3rds of the Earth. Mostly airburst and recovered within 10-15 years. 2011-12. But who is to say it's hopeless to keep speaking out? I'd still be making plans for an isolated property if possible.
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