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Default Re: Who Is David Icke?


After reading this...

Before I watched the video I dowsed the box with a pendulum and asked questions. I don’t usually use dowsing, but considered it may be useful to evaluate this case from as many angles as I could because if I was correct in my gut feeling then I had stumbled upon some very significant realisations. The basic questions were:

Was she going to be telling me the truth? Yes. Wow! I hadn’t expected that.

Was she also going to be telling lies? Yes. Ah!

As I thought she was a Multiple Personality, I assumed that she had been set up. So I asked, ‘Is she going to deliberately misinform David?’ Yes. This made me curious because I thought she would be doing it from programming.

I always like to ask questions I know the answers of now and then to check whether I am interpreting the pendulum correctly.

So I asked a question I was sure of the answer to: ‘Is she a programmed multiple?’ No. That was absolutely the last thing I expected. I couldn’t see how she could be lying to deliberately misinform and not been a set-up multiple stooge.

‘Then she isn’t a multiple?’ Yes.

‘So has she ever been programmed as a multiple?’ No.

‘She is going to lie deliberately in full awareness?’ Yes.

Now that was only an initial test and I don’t put too much store in my abilities as a dowser. But I tell you my line of enquiry so that you know.

So I watched the video in order to get the full picture.

As I said, her testimony tallied so well with David’s that I can see how he was so impressed. He has always stated that he works on cross-referencing testimonies and ‘synchronicities’ as proof. Well, this time I think the Intelligence people took advantage of that one!

More revealing, however, about AW’s ‘evidence’ was that she demonised the ancient archetypes and occult images throughout. Osiris, Isis, Druids, even Harvest Festival. My own research tells me that there is a very positive side to these things. In fact these things are exactly what the Bible was written to obscure. AW’s testimony was overtly Judeo-Christian in its level of gross and blanket demonisation of the occult. Something which I had warned David about doing when I read his draft. Something which he promised to amend for the final version.

But of course, that was before he met AW. And as a consequence of her testimony, it seems, David decided not to balance out his demonisation, but instead increased it. If I was going to set David up to make that mistake, that’s exactly how I would have done it!

Then came some obvious bloopers. Having claimed to have been a multiple, she also states she forgets certain names of people. Multiples have photographic memory and perfect recall (see Cathy O’Brien’s testimonies). This memory lapse does not happen in recovered multiples.

Her facts were either regularly wrong, or so full of spin that she was hardly credible. Other information is impossible for anyone to verify, conveniently.

I checked with 2 occultists about her description of the demon raising ritual and both stated she had it wrong. Strange for a top level Satanist!

Then she targeted Sitchin and Gardner and said they take part in blood rituals with the Royals where shapeshifting happens. Considering Gardner’s books are revealing profound insights into the ancient knowledge, I am not surprised they wanted him demonised. I personally do not believe this testimony. I do however, think that Sitchin has been less than honest in his research, but again, the statement that he takes part in murderous rituals is more than I will accept without some pretty firm proof. But proof is offered nowhere in relation to AW’s testimony.

She states the royal lizards change back to lizards when asleep. Considering how many of them were educated in schools where they also lived amongst hundreds of others in dorms, and how many of them were in the armed forces, you would think someone would have noticed this little thing!

She states that the royal lizards can’t stay in human form at the scent of blood and transform and go crazy, ripping into their victims. And in all those years nobody has ever noticed this when they have cut themselves, been around blood, menstruating women etc. Considering they are so public, there is no way they have never been in the vicinity of blood. No signs there though either.

I thought, ‘this is just too ridiculous for words. David how the hell are you allowing this nonsense to influence you?’...
And yours too matey!

Not that I dont think things like Runes and the I Ching work. It's just that you've discredited a loon using the tools, of a "loon"...according to the mainstream who are the people we must address.

An enigma, wrapped in a mystery contained in a riddle...and round and round it goes.

People should just laugh at Icke. Simply laugh at him and all the sucker twit Ickians. Thats all they deserve.

David has an excellent track record of bringing hard to get information into the wider public arena. He has worked extremely hard and endured a great deal of ridicule for courageously speaking out and standing up for what he believes in. It would be ‘The Biggest Shame’, if his efforts and work were to be overtaken and used by the very forces he seeks to expose.
No, he's a loon. Loon. Loon...who has taken way to much LSD.
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