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Default Photograph Propaganda

It's only recently
that I have been viewing
newspaper and magazine photographs
with an eye towards the
orchestrated propaganda possibilities.

For instance, I saw a photo
in Time Magazine.

I have subscribed to this magazine
for twenty years and have read every issue
cover to cover. I consider myself
very well educated as a result of this.

Not. I hope you don't believe
that last paragraph containing
twenty-eight words that I just
wrote. I flipped through it
at the grocery store and would not give Time a dime.

Back to the subject, photos.
So I see a photo of three or four
Amerikkan soldiers in Iraq and noticed
some things.
1. All young, not ugly, muscle carved men.
2. All clothes/uniforms new, washed, pressed.
3. In safe, comfortable surroundings at camp base.
4. New weapons held by each, displayed
in a manner of boldness and power.
5. Cigarette held in lips in cool manner.
6. All soldiers with satisfied
look of being well-fed. Happy, no worries look.
7. Beautiful, sunny clear day, no dust
8. All well-groomed, no dirt or sweat
( just showered )

I very quickly realised that this was
If any young man saw that he would say
to himself, " that is so cool and awesome
I want to join the Amerikkan Army."

From now on, stop and contemplate
any photo you see, and you will
start to notice more and more
the contrived, orchestrated nature of many.

...I realized I had to gain more knowledge to protect against evil and to protect myself from not becoming evil myself. This is our major goal in life...\" Terry Lee
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