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Default Re: Could it be true? It was the victorious, not the vanquished who were barbarians!


And these atrocities are all proven and I suppose documented as opposed to the countless "extermination camp witness" or "survivor" frauds.

I have a relative who is Jewish who said that when the war was over they were asked by their not so honest Jewish comrades to tattoo numbers on their arms and testify for eachother that they are "survivors" of the "extermination camps". The reasoning was that they would "make a lot of money" and that it would be "easy; you just testify that I was there and I testify that you were there".

My relative declined in disgust.

In an <a href=" &PHPSESSID=4a294440b656b87bb54fa011149ee90d#forump ost13150">earlier post</a> of mine I bring to attention the exact same modus operandi mentioned in this article of the Jewish Red Army and the Fifth Columnists in Hungary as well, who made up accusations of atrocities as they went along. The goal was to utterly and totally humiliate those who have been fighting against the Bolsheviks for an independent, united Hungary. Not only that, but to totally crush a whole people's and nation's spirit. I'm devastatingly sad to say they seem to have succeeded... so far.

"It took another 4 months when the rapist hordes of Ilja Ehrenburg reached Budapest. It was February 1945. More than 75,000 German and Hungarian Waffen-SS warriors surrounded by the Asiatic hordes without food, medication, water and ammunition. On February 12th they broke out. With the last bullet in each weapon they decided to die as a hero, instead of going to Siberia. 68,000 had died the other 7,000 never have been seen again..."

Another relative of mine was with reasonable certainty there, the 12th of February 1945, and died there, fighting to the last bullet.

So I'm starting to think that if I'd been there and lived during these times, I'd probably be a Fascist or Nazi as well...

In any case I would - and I do! - definately fight Communism.

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