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Default Re: Could it be true? It was the victorious, not the vanquished who were barbarians!

How long before the truth comes out?

You can pick up tit bits along the way in mainstream books...for instance, Eisenhower copped it for the fact that the post war death rate in the Allied post war POW camps was nearly twice that of German POW camps at the height of the war! Now explain that one?

Does anyone find it strange that Himmler was negotiating with the Allies from late 1943 on through his Massues and his friendship with Count Bernadette of the Red Cross? Seeing as Himmler was the architect of the "death camps" and the most evil man alive, how is it he thought he would be acceptable as a post war administrator? Why is it Himmler made NO attempt to escape to safety even though he had the State at his disposal? Right up until the end of the war he thought he was acceptable to the Allies.

What of Goering? Rolling up to an American Air base where he was greeted as a CELEBRITY! Like Royalty. The commanding officer was reprimanded for being so overtly fond of his captive...but thats how it goes with chivalrous Georing was thought to be.

The list of overtuers to England from Hitler is endless...even when he was on top and having NO need to make friends. Why was this?

The French were notorious for complaining about Allied behaviour during the Normandy landing in stark contrast to the German.

Look at the French Resistence...%99 Communist and RUTHLESS! They were condemned by the local populations.

Thanks for the post DRAK. Give me FASCISM over COMMUNISM/SOCIALISM any day! Order over mayhem thanx!
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