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Default Food in the USA

I lived in the US for two years, on a budget. I can tell you that eating fast food is CHEAPER than buying groceries and cooking at home.

Where in the world can you buy a motorized screwdriver for less than a pound of coffee ? Only in the States. It costs you more to fill your fridge with fruits than to fill your garage with Sam`s Club junk.

Do you know that taxation on sugar forces cheap Brazilian cane sugar to be shipped to Canada, be turned to molasses (spell?) and exported to the US, where it is turned again to sugar ? And then sold as if it were powder gold.

Americans are being screwed in the food this underdeveloped country (Brazil), food is cheap and come it is NOT the same in the US ? The US is just as big as Brazil and in theory has MORE production of food. Who is ripping you guys off ? Monsanto ?
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