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Default Re: Concern grows over US plans to nuke Iran

Dreak said, "Are you suggesting that we all get a plot of land in the hills and start growing our own corn fields ? and hens and cows ? or are we allready fookered ?"

It seems to me that the escalating war is going to go nuclear in a big way. Perhaps soon. I find the posted article credible: the US is planning to nuke Iran. Will it happen this month? I don't know. Even Cheney won't know for sure until the moment he pushes the button.

I am not suggesting that you or anyone else do anything whatsoever. I am here to exchange information honestly with like-minded seekers of truth.

No matter how you plan your life, your survival is never assured. Planning to stay alive and enjoy life is worthwhile in good times and bad. Henry Makow and others have written that at least 80% of the world population is targeted for extermination. Will you or I be among the survivors? Probably not, but possibly yes. Owning a small farm in the country will work well for some. I currently live in a large city and accept the risks involved. Everybody's circumstances are different.

The more I study conspiracy theories, the less worried I become. I have decided that I am not "fookered". The satanists may kill my body, but they can never take my soul.

I accept reincarnation as a fact. I also accept the universe as having millions of worlds that support intelligent life, and many of these worlds are not physical in the way earth is. I also believe in karma: we create our lives and reap what we sow. Obviously, if the world's population drops by 80%, then most of the souls on this planet will live somewhere else in the near future.

I intend to enjoy the rest of this life, and I look forward to the next.
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